My experience in Finland


I first came in Finland on 28th December of 1996. Before coming here, I heard that it's very cold country. I put on so many clothes. When British Airways was landing I saw it is white and white in the outside. My expression was 'Oh my God! where I am going'...

That time who comes as spouse visa, they need work permit for working and every time it is 200 markka (that time currency was markka) for applying. Three times I got reject work permit visa and lost 600 markka. Fourth time I talked with the lady who was responsible for work permit and I got chance to work here in Finland.I have another experience about working here. At first I got cleaning job. In our country, only lower class people who doesn't have any education, they do this kinds of job. I really felt bad to do this as I have completed my bachelor and masters (in philosophy) from University. In 2000, few months I worked in viking line ship (as a cleaner). That time I saw many foreign students were working there. Then I was feeling little better.I did one Finnish course in 1997. It was not under TE-office. I forgot the exact location. I can't remember how much I paid for the course. Only the thing I can remember that the teacher was Polish ( from Poland). I got the highest number in the class. I could gather knowledge about 'minä', 'sinä'.In 1998, I got admission in Helsinki University. So I didn't need to apply for work permit again. As a student I have right to work in part time. I liked the courses very much. Teachers were so friendly. As a member of student union, I could eat in Unicafe, make monthly travel card in very cheap prices.One of my teachers in Helsinki University told me that her daughter can be my friend. She gave her phone number. From that time to till now she is my best friend. I have another Finnish friend who showed me everything like library, swimming hall, museum etc. We 3 friends went many places together.After that I got admission in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. I studied Information Technology and my major was Telecomunications engineering. It was my dream to study engineering as my father is an electrical engineer and my younger brother studied software engineering (in UK) too. In our country, the education system is totally different. If someone has philosophy, economics, history, english background, he/she can't study engineering or medical. But here, it's possible to study in any subjects. I have started a new journey in Metropolia. I really liked and enjoyed the teaching style, environment everything. I had 6 months work experience there. I did my bachelor there.My son was born before finishing my degree. There was another experience in health centre (neuvola) and hospital. It's very child taking care country. It was very difficult to take care child and continue studies. But the day-care system is very nice and I could manage to finish my degree. I love to stay in Finland, specially after my son was born. It's very secured country.After graduation, I did some Finnish courses under TE-office. I have work experiences in various places in Helsinki. I faced many problems in my staying in Finland but everywhere I got some Finnish friendly people helping me to overcome the situation. Only two things that I don't like here, that is winter and food. At the beginning, I couldn't eat any Finnish food at all but now few items I can eat. I still can't used to with this winter in my 22 years living in Finland.



Sahervo Sarianne

Osallisuuskoordinaattori, sosionomi YAMK, työvalmentaja (eat), kuvataideterapeutti

Sahervo Sarianne
Osallisuuskoordinaattori, sosionomi YAMK, työvalmentaja (eat), kuvataideterapeutti


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