Communications and Information Services

Our aim is to collect, provide and maintain current information in the rehabilitation field.

Kuntoutusportti Kuntoutusportin logoThe web portal Kuntoutusportti contains materials and links related to rehabilitation. The service also features a research database with information on studies and publications in the field of rehabilitation.

Scientific-professional journal Kuntoutus (Rehabilitation)
releases up-to-date information on the research, methods and new innovations in the field of rehabilitation. The publication also follows up on related social debate and serves as a discussion forum for professionals in the field. 4 issues annually.

The rehabilitation library and information service
is a a public scientific library of publications in the field of rehabilitation.


Soile Kuitunen
General Manager
+358 44 781 3117

Timo Korpela
Communications Officer
+358 44 781 3128

Tarja Takaranta
Information Specialist
+358 44 781 3158

Anni Reuter
Planning Officer
+358 40 840 8321

Johanna Anttila
Information Services Secretary
+358 40 739 7183

Kirsi Vierula
Information Specialist
off duty


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